People are generally in one of two camps when it comes to products like organic mattresses. Either they get it or they don’t. It’s kind of similar to being or not being a dog person. So when we bring up organic dog beds, the field narrows. You either really get it or don’t get it (squared), or you really get one part but not the other. This post tries to explain organic dog beds, why they’re a thing, and why anyone in their right mind would seek one out. Prepare to open your mind (or discover a wealth of great dog-bed options!).

Some dogs have allergies.

If you’re not a dog person and you’ve never slept in a room with a dog, you might as well read a different article. Unless, that is, you are in professional contact with anyone who has a dog with allergies. Sniffling, sneezing, coughing dogs are a nightmare for the sleep of their owners, in that there is no hope of nightmares because there is no sleep. A hypoallergenic bed that calms a dog’s allergies has a direct impact on the quality of person that dog’s owner is able to be. Dogs can also have achy joints, and if no sufficiently lofty bed is available, an achy dog won’t hesitate to rouse its owner in search of relief at any hour.

Dogs can be gross.

Everyone gets this. While people can’t fight the urge to share their space with canines, we could certainly do without the germs and other unmentionables. Some organic dog beds have the bonus of being water and mildew resistant, with natural antimicrobial properties.

Dog beds are expensive.

It’s not a rule, but consciously conceived and constructed products are often of greater integrity than products made as cheaply as possible. Many organic dog beds boast features like resistance to moisture and tears. They can withstand the compulsive digging of some breeds and be washed repeatedly without showing signs of wear and tear.

Yet they have to be replaced.

That means, at some point, they have to be disposed of. The bed enjoyed by your first dog named Susie should not be passed down from generation to generation until it reaches your seventh dog named Susie. Thus, more environmentally conscious mattresses for dogs are valuable to all of us who share this little blue planet. Now available are dog beds and mats made out of everything from organic cotton to recycled water bottles to super-sustainable organic hemp.

Except when they don’t.

Big Shrimpy’s big, fluffy dog beds are meant to last forever. Their parts can be replaced and the beds come with a 3-year warranty. Their components repurpose textile waste that doesn’t require extra energy or processing to turn them into dog-bed stuffing. Best of all, if you ever do decide to get rid of a Big Shrimpy bed, the company will take it back and recycle it for you!

But what about the dogs’ people?

New to the idea of organic bedding? You’d better believe that organic mattresses for dog owners (and all other kinds of humans) are available and always getting more awesome. If you’ve got your canine friend covered and need a new sleeping space for yourself, check out A Goodnight Sleepstore. Our discount mattress stores throughout the Carolinas ship everywhere in the country, mostly for free! We feature organic mattresses with a 30-night goodnight-sleep guarantee and an unbeatable return policy.

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