Have you heard about all the new types of mattress companies popping up around the country? There’s a guy who’s making a fortune selling beds out of a storage unit. One company’s gimmick is to deliver mattresses by bike messenger. There are now multiple companies who sell just one mattress model to everyone. Like razors, clothes, and cooking, mattresses have gotten caught up in the mail-order craze.

Personal Delivery. Impersonal Everything Else.

Picking your mattress based on the box is a super new and trendy concept. Maybe it’s a brilliant idea. For lots of people, it’s more fun than the process of actually mattress shopping. Maybe we’re old fuddy-duddies, but we don’t really get it. This trend is making a very big deal (mostly via social media and PR) out of the experience of buying a mattress. The problem with that approach is that you then have to live with the mattress. It’s kind of like buying a puppy on impulse. Your mattress will actually impact your quality of life on a daily basis. You don’t want to pick one that just lays around and saps your energy for the next 10 to 15 years.

You don’t have to choose!

Part of the appeal of mail-order mattresses is that you don’t have to make many decisions. You pick which one-size-fits-all brand sounds or looks the best, but that’s all. You can forget about how it feels. That’s not part of the equation. These companies are thriving on the false idea that all mattresses are the same, or that the same type of mattress is right for everyone. They let you cut right to the *delightful* part by telling you that mattress shopping is overly complicated and that none of it matters. Much like buying a car, it can be complicated. But which mattress you end up with definitely does matter.

But #Casper!

Here’s the thing. The experience everyone’s buying into is not the experience of going online, hitting “buy,” and having a mattress shipped right to their door. A Goodnight Sleepstore and thousands of other mattress stores have been doing that since the Internet showed up. The experience people are clamoring for is the novelty of having a full-size mattress folded in half, stuffed into a box, and carted around on a bicycle. If you’re in the market for that kind of support for your body, you might as well reclaim the cardboard and build your new bed frame out of it.

Is it worth it?

What you’re paying for with mail-order mattresses isn’t the quality of materials, construction of the mattress, durability, softness, or support. Your investment buys you convenience and the opportunity to post a great Vine. But when you think about it, ordering a mattress from Ikea will get you all those perks minus the bike, PLUS the opportunity to choose your mattress model. Then again, isn’t there a reason you haven’t bought an Ikea mattress?

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