A lot of companies have been using fear tactics to scare the public into embracing natural alternatives. Quite frankly, we don’t like that approach – it just makes people feel really bad. The truth is, we all have different priorities, especially when it comes to making big household purchases. One thing parents claim in common is the desire to take the best possible care of our kids. All these constantly conflicting marketing messages make it much harder to have confidence in the decisions we make for our families. We hope that, by providing great prices, great products, and helpful service, we can help you rest easy when it’s time to buy your child a new bed.

The Most Important Thing

We invite you to fight the urge to get overwhelmed. If you’re taking your role as a parent seriously and doing the best you can for your kids, then you’re doing a great job. And we’re here to support you. Before you get into all those nitty-gritty details and product specs, consider the big picture. The most important part of mattress shopping for a family is making sure that everyone has a safe, comfortable place to sleep that supports their growth and development. While parents come in asking us for every fact, figure, and feature under the sun, that’s the common thread. Great sleep gives kids the foundation upon which to build great lives.

Going Organic

If you’ve been listening, you know there’s plenty of debate over organic products of all kinds. Compared to organic food, conversation around organic bedding is relatively new. As a company committed to giving our customers a wealth of options with personalized service and great prices, we’re proud to give families throughout the Carolinas and the country access to organic mattresses and bedding accessories. Our sleep experts are always available to answer all of your questions about our products, organic or not, but we’re not on a mission to change your mind.

Who buys organic mattresses?

Something we often hear in our conversations with customers is that those who choose organic simply want to do as much as they can by limiting the materials their families are exposed to. Unless they know for sure that certain substances won’t negatively impact their kids, they want to minimize the risk. People who buy organic mattresses usually aren’t activists. They’re totally normal people providing for their families in the best way possible. We hope to lend a hand in helping you make decisions according to what’s important to you. So whether you’re thinking of going organic or not, consider yourself supported at A Goodnight Sleepstore. We’re here to help.

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