Misplacing the Blame?

Have you ever lost sleep because you couldn’t get your pillow just right? When you lay awake cursing the street-lights, the proximity of the street to your bed, dogs, and ultimately the sun for rising? Did it ever occur to you that your pillow might be the problem?

Rest Your Noggin.

Making up about 8% of your body weight, your head is one of the heaviest parts of your body. It takes a lot of work to hold all that weight up all the time. So much of our back, neck, and even hip pain can be traced back to how we hold our heads during the day. Finding the right pillow is a long-lasting favor that you can do for yourself. It requires a bigger investment of your time than it demands of your wallet.

Committing to a pillow is a process.

Make a conscious choice to start looking for your ideal pillow when you’re at your best – when you’re not desperate. Don’t wait until you’ve not slept in a week to finally take the plunge. It’s not a very big deal, and you’ll end up feeling great once you’ve found the one for you.

Make it a date – alone or with a buddy.

Devote a whole day to pillow shopping. You can focus on mattresses on mattress shopping day. Head to the mattress store and be sure to allow plenty of time! Sample slowly, practice patience, and trust your gut. Try many pillows in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Most importantly, remember that when it’s not quite right, it’s okay to walk away.

Don’t forget where you’ve gone.

Now, before you get too comfortable, be sure to take notes on your pillow-hunting escapades. Pillows should really be replaced once a year. That might not be realistic for you, but when your neck starts to cramp a few years down the line, you’ll be thankful to not have to start at square one.

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