Cuddling with computers. Is it even possible to avoid? Don’t we spend half our lives on the computer and only a third of our lives sleeping? Banish your laptop from the bed for several good reasons. First off, it endangers your work/life balance. Looking at ambient light before bed keeps you awake when it’s time to sleep. Most importantly, laptops should never, ever be used on soft surfaces. The best policy is to keep your work at your desk and your rest in your bed.

Putting an electric blanket under your mattress topper. If you’re using an electric blanket, make sure it has room to breathe! Confirm that your blanket is UL listed, and follow the directions to the letter – even if it means you have to keep the box.

Cleaning with chemicals. It’s definitely important to keep your mattress clean, but be careful not to put things in that are worse than the ones you want to get out. Keep some natural cleaning agents on hand; distilled white vinegar, baking soda, and citrus-based cleansers are a good start.

Sharing a double bed. Lots of people can remember sharing a “big bed” with a friend (or five) at sleepovers as kids. But over the long term, adults need space to spread out. A full bed is adequately full – for one full-grown person.

Smoking. If you do this, you’ve probably done all the thinking you’re going to do about stopping. But with all those sheets and blankets and pillows and incentive to sleep, bed could be one of the more dangerous places to smoke.

Keeping poor pillows. Pillows are one of life’s little luxurious, so enjoy them. Good pillows can really improve your sleep and should ideally be replaced every year.

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