Eat healthier. Get more exercise. Focus on self-care.

Noticing a trend?

Year after year, America’s most popular New Year’s Resolutions share the common thread of being related to the pursuit of better health. 2018 is no exception. Aside from saving more money, our ambitions for the future are focused squarely on bettering our physical and psychological well-being.

The Best Resolution for 2018

As sleep experts, we might be biased, but in this age of rampant, culturally condoned sleep deprivation, we’d argue that getting better sleep is quite possibly the most valuable resolution the modern American adult can make. By now, the benefits of good sleep and the harmful effects of insufficient rest are likely clear to you. Just knowing something is good for you, however, is rarely sufficient to make it happen. That’s why elevating your desire to sleep more to the level of serious commitment is a great idea.

Setting the Intention

A resolution is more than just a goal; it’s an intention you put out into the universe. The ritual of affirming and sharing your resolution can help make it a reality. Go ahead and make a big deal of it. Write it down. Tell your loved ones. The benefits you’ll enjoy when you’ve succeeded in getting more and better sleep are worthy of shouting from the rooftops about. Today, commit. Tomorrow, start changing your life.

Put a Plan in Place

The great thing about New Year’s Resolutions, aside from involving a serious commitment (yes – it’s a good thing!), is that there exist all sorts of tools to help you reach your goal. Some of the resources you should put in place up front include a sleep trackerto give you insight into your sleep cycles, a to-do list app to monitor your healthy sleep hygiene habits, and a new mattress if you’ve been putting off replacing one that’s worn out. Be sure also to set a realistic sleep schedule that allows you to go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day. Sticking to consistent sleep and wake times is an essential part of improving your sleep.

One Day at a Time

For some people, making significant life changes is easy. They set an intention and everything aligns. We hope that’s your experience, but don’t bet on it. Lifestyle changes are challenging for most of us, and they require sustained work over time. Once you’ve identified the steps you’ll need to take to get better sleep, just do your best to achieve them one day at a time. Some days will be better than others. That’s okay. Better rest is about improvement, after all, not perfection. Roll with the punches, change what you can and next New Year’s Eve, you’ll be able to declare that you’ve kept your 2018 resolution.

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