We know it’s unconventional that we offer dog beds alongside our people beds. We’re dog people. We’re also bed people, and as such, those of us who own dogs want to keep them off our beds. Still, we want to give our pets the healthy comfort and support offered by a good mattress. Before Sealy introduced their incredible dog beds, we were as guilty as anyone of spending too much on dog beds to get questionable quality and benefit. But now that these puppies are on the market, we’ll never go back to poorly thought-out dog bedding.

Here are the basics.

  • We carry 2 Sealy dog bed models – the Max and the Bella.
  • They each come in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large.
  • The Max is Charcoal Gray; the Bella is Autumn Brown.
  • Advanced features come standard.
    • Cooling Energy Gel
    • Supportive Pet Rest Memory Foam
    • Bio-green Orthopedic Foam
    • Pro-charcoal HD Foam Base
    • Removable Washable Covers
    • Non-Slip Bottom
    • Waterproof Liner
    • Covered Zippers (No Tangles!)
    • Antibacterial Protection
    • Green-Tea Freshness

Great Beds for a Great Many Dogs

While we’d love to say that our dog beds are the universal best answer for every dog, that’s just not realistic. Fortunately, though, Sealy’s high-quality beds meet the needs of a variety of dogs.

  • For small to medium dogs, Sealy simply provides great value. With long life and great support at a great price, these beds deliver. To be sure your smaller dog feels secure in his or her new bed, just choose the size that allows just enough room to stretch out.
  • For elderly dogs with arthritis or joint pain, they provide thick, responsive support. Orthopedic memory foam conforms to your dogs shape while still supporting weak joints.
  • For incontinent or poorly house-trained dogs, the combination of the easily removable cover with the waterproof internal liner creates a barrier to moisture and mess. When accidents do happen, antibacterial protection and green-tea freshness minimize damage.
  • For dogs with thick coats, cooling components draw heat away and keep things comfortable throughout the year.
  • Large breeds require even more support, and truly high-quality sleep surfaces can be hard to find. Large and extra-large Sealy beds provide great comfort, support, and cushioning even on hard floors. These thick, well-constructed beds are resistant to the flattening that occurs over time in beds for bigger dogs.

Super High Quality for a Great Price

If it sounds like Sealy’s Bella or Max models might be perfect for your dog, you can’t go wrong. There’s no better value when it comes to high-quality craftsmanship at an unbeatable price (especially when they’re on sale). Unlike most dog beds on the market, these have seriously been designed with the best interests of both the dogs and their owners in mind. Every material is carefully considered for both comfort and performance. Maybe in the future we’ll offer more dog-bed models, but for the time being, these Sealy mattresses are all the canine cushions we can imagine needing.

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