We all crave sleep just like food, air, and water, but rest can be the hardest basic need to fill. Though it comes so naturally when we’re young, sleep can be shockingly difficult to achieve in adulthood. If you’re feeling the consequences of inadequate sleep, these bits of uncommon knowledge can help you make more of your daily allotment of slumber.

When you schedule it, it’s real. It’s true about a lot of things, and sleep is no exception. Sleep is something everyone wants more of, but few manage to get. Rather than just planning to catch up when life settles down, commit to sleeping your “ideal” amount for a week. It’ll work wonders.

Give yourself time to wind down. Seizing the last five minutes of the day to schlep your laundry from the basement to the bedroom, let the dog out, and grab a snack is a recipe for misery. When you get home for the evening, take a moment to plan getting active tasks out of the way early, and some time for your body and mind to relax.

Maintain your sleep space. It’s easy to only pay attention to your bed when you’re blocking out the world or shrouded in pre-coffee fog. But a little focus can make a big difference. Once you’ve accepted adulthood, embrace actually flipping your mattress. Fluff your pillows. Spring for two sets of good sheets and keep them in regular rotation. You won’t believe the luxury a little maintenance can create.

Choose your naps wisely. Everyone needs a nap now and then; so don’t fret if you’re suddenly obsessed with siestas. Take them as early in the day as possible, and keep them short – longer naps can equal groggier afternoons and sleepless nights. If your old mattress is to blame for your lost sleep and fatigue, visit A Goodnight Sleepstore to discover beds that will zap the need to fit naps into your busy schedule.

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