Who needs sleep?
Unless it’s time to wake up and go to school, sleep is probably the last thing on your teenager’s mind. They have a lot going on — sometimes things that cause the rest of us to wonder whether or not they’re really from the same planet.

Some parents can embrace and look fondly upon the teen stage of life — and might even wish they could be back there. But many of us couldn’t be happier to have those chaotic years in the past. One thing is certain, and that’s the fact that high school is a particularly important time for making the most of health and wellness opportunities. Even when we can’t relate to our teenagers’ odd senses of humor and nonsensical forms of entertainment, we still like to try and do what’s best for them.

Blame the brain!
In an attempt to bridge the gap between teenagers and the rest of us, research is finding that teens are who they are (be it crazy, dramatic, intense, or lazy) because their brains are still developing. According to an article published in Harvard Magazine, a teenager’s brain is only about 80% developed; with the frontal lobe – the part of the brain that aids in rational decision making – developing last. Oh, cruel fate!

Something we can all agree on.
Everyone knows that sleep is imperative for healthy growth and development. Harvard Magazine goes on to mention “teenagers are notoriously sleep-deprived”. There can be lots of reasons for that, but poor sleeping conditions shouldn’t be among them. You and your teen both need their brain to develop as quickly as possible so that you can maintain your sanity! Sleep is one of the simpler problems, but how to fix it? We can help you there!

You make the bed. They lie in it.
Guaranteeing deep, fortifying, SAT-prepping, muscle-growing sleep starts with what your teen is sleeping on. Hook them up with a mattress set, and pillows that even the most restless teenager can’t resist (and pick up a few extra, because no one makes it through high school without one good pillow fight). Visit A Goodnight Sleepstore and find fantastic deals on tons of brand-name mattresses and mattress accessories.

Think your son or daughter is planning on sneaking out tonight after you’re asleep? If you equip them with a quality mattress set from A Goodnight Sleepstore, they won’t be able to stay awake long enough!

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