There are many differences between the way men and women sleep, but not many answers as to why. We do know that women report needing more sleep than men do. We also know that 75% of British women identified as suffering from sleep deprivation issues, as opposed to 25% of men. People who do not get as much sleep as they need will not only suffer from associated health issues, but will make errors more often, miss work or events, and experience daytime sleepiness.

Not only do women report needing more sleep, but women spend more of their waking hours caring for children and on household upkeep. In addition, 37% percent of working moms wish to work full-time. See how this is adding up? With all of these day-to-day stressors, there are some things women can do to get better rest.

Cut the Caffeine

While leading a busy, often hectic lifestyle, it is easy to grab for caffeine to help get you through the day. Caffeine can make it harder to fall asleep, shortens sleep time, and causes you to wake more frequently. Try sticking to one cup of coffee a day and make it before 10a.m.

Take a Step Back

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, often talks about the work-life balance. While she encourages women to “lean in” to leadership roles in the workplace, she also advises women to step out and share some chores at home. Most importantly, she advises to not feel guilty about it. Anxiety and mood disorders are a major cause of sleep issues.

Nothing Replaces a Good Night’s Sleep

There are lots of ways to cut down stress in your life, but a full night’s sleep is key to living healthy and happy. Women need, at least, 6.8 hours, on average, of sleep to function at their best. Cutting caffeine and letting others take some responsibilities at home are some ways to help you relax into a good night’s sleep, but making sleep a priority is key. At A Goodnight Sleepstore we’ll help you find the right bed to get you the amazing sleep you need.

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