Here we are again – the Dog Days of Summer!

It’s another hot one here in North Carolina, and if you’re feeling the heat, we feel your pain. Air conditioning is a must for anyone living in the sun belt, but we all run into situations where we’re deprived of consistent cold air. Maybe your window unit is on the fritz, or you’re spending a few nights in a cabin. Whatever the cause of your heat-induced distress, there are plenty of ways to cool down when circumstances force you to sleep in the summer swelter. Here are just a few.

Mattresses Made to Keep You Cool

If you’d prefer to lock down some insurance that you’ll stay comfortable overnight, there’s never been a better time to be alive! It wasn’t until very recently that engineers discovered ways to build temperature regulation into mainstream mattresses. These new technologies ensure that your bed will work to prevent overheating year-round, no matter what the environment around you is doing. If you want consistently cool comfort, look for these models in your mattress store next time you’re in the market for a new bed.

• Gel Memory Foam – Regular memory foam on its own can trap heat, so engineers have added a unique cooling gel comfort material specifically to regulate body temperature and reduce tossing and turning.
• Organic Latex – Naturally breathable latex allows air to circulate much better than other types of mattresses. Mattress makers enhance heat dissipation by using strategically placed pin core holes and other features, like ventilation bands.
• Temperature-Regulating Mattress Toppers – You don’t have to replace your mattress to keep things cool. Just add a layer of breathable organic latex that draws heat away from your body, allowing it to dissipate. It’s the quick and affordable way to dramatically change the way your mattress makes you feel.

Heat Hacks

Once you’ve set the foundation for sound summer sleep by choosing a cool mattress, it’s time to address the other elements in the room. A combination of these techniques will have you snoozing comfortably even at the highest reaches of your thermostat.

Cool your sheets.

While you could do away with linens all together, you can also tweak them so that they work in your favor. To prevent your covers from trapping your body heat, choose simple cotton over fancier options like silk and microfiber. Those who don’t mind a little extra moisture can try the “Egyptian Method” – dampening a sheet with cold water and using it as a blanket. If you prefer a dry means of cooling off, just chill your sheets in the freezer for 20 minutes before you go to bed. Be sure to place them in a sealed bag first, though, so they don’t pick up any food-related fragrances.

Cool yourself.

Want to preserve the chilling effects of your efforts? Rather than slipping between the sheets when you’re already overly warm, calibrate your body for coolness. To achieve optimal body temperature throughout the night, take a cold shower before bed or douse your feet in cold water for a few minutes. You can also take an ice pack to bed with you. This will stretch out the amount of time it takes for your body to warm the bed.

Cool the room.

When air conditioning isn’t an option, most people just turn on a fan or two and call it a night. But how and where you place your fans determines what kind of impact they make on your comfort. First off, do everything you can to create a cross-breeze. This can be difficult in rooms where buildings or trees block air flow to one or more windows, so experiment with placing some fans facing out to draw air through your home. To crank up the cooling factor, place a pan full of ice in front of an inward-facing fan. If things get really bad, you can always resort to making your own air conditioner!

We hope these tips help you savor the summer without wishing it away!

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