The Nerd: Jawbone UP

Jawbone is a serious player in the wireless world, having created one of the first activity-tracking wearables. Unfortunately, the first version left plenty of early adopters with buyers’ remorse. Now after a good bit of time and testing, the UP is winning back old Jawbone fans and making new ones. Unlike Fitbits, the UP also helps you track your calorie intake and reminds you when it’s a healthy idea to get up and move around during the day. It’s $130, works with both iPhone and Android, and is arguably the best looking out-of-the-box wearable out there.

The Everyman: FitBit

With two models coming in at $99, FitBit is one of the more affordable wristband-based sleep monitors. It’s similar to the Nike Fuelband and the Jawbone UP in its daytime capabilities, but extends its usefulness through nighttime insight. FitBit has three requirements when it comes to monitoring your snoozes. You have to keep it charged, which can’t happen while you’re wearing it. You have to tap on it when you’re going to sleep or ready to get up. And you have to sync it with its app each day. Still, a FitBit One or Flex can give you a window into your non-waking life, and it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it. If you’re getting a wearable, considering a FitBit is a must.

The Holistic Practitioner: Sense

If you’re super-duper serious about maximizing your sleep environment and knowing exactly what’s going on when you’re unconscious, Sense is a contender to consider. Practically a sculpture in the artfulness of its design, this system tracks your sleep without requiring you to wear anything. You just keep the sleep pill attached to your pillow and you’re all wired up.

“Sense includes an ambient light sensor, high sensitivity microphone, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, high quality speaker, proximity sensor, particulate sensor, WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy.”

How could there be a better way to figure out what’s going on with your sleep? If you’re feeling sluggish and have already been to the doctor, gotten on the exercise train, and bought yourself an awesome new organic mattress, this baby is packed with potential to pinpoint your problem. Sense will even wake you up at the ideal point in your sleep cycle. Sound like a steal at $129? Watch the video on their website. You just might fall in love.

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in sophisticated sleep metrics, you’ll have to jump on this train sometime. The technology is evolving at such a pace that we’re unlikely to arrive at the one perfect all-in-one monitor. So be selfish. Pick the one that feels good for you. And if you still can’t figure out why you’re not sleeping, it might be time for you to replace your bed.

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