Sleep is something you can “catch up on”. There’s a lot of debate these days about naps. The consensus seems to be that naps will help you feel better — in moderation. They’re not a substitute for regular, deep, restful sleep. And short naps are better — about 25 minutes will keep you from waking up groggy.

Sleeping all night with a fan running can kill you. For some reason, this myth lives on in Korea. And if you sleep with a fan in your room, you’ll probably live on too.

Pulling an all-nighter is worth the pain. You must have missed a few classes. During REM sleep, the brain processes memories from the previous day. So you’re much more likely to remember the material if you cram some serious sleep in after your studies.

Myths we can’t debunk

Of course, some things just can’t be disproven by science. Here are some legends that you might want to keep in mind if you’re having bad dreams or bad dates.

• Putting your shoes or a hat on the bed, or sleeping with your head to the north, is bad luck.
• Turning your mattress on a Sunday causes nightmares.
• If you’re single, sleeping with wedding cake under your pillow can help you meet your mate.
• If you never finish that wedding quilt, you’ll never walk down the aisle.

Uncover the truth

The best way to find out the truth about your sleep and your mattress is to talk to an expert. A Goodnight Sleepstore is the best place to find one. We’ll help you separate fact from fiction and find the real right answer to your bedding needs.

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