present to you the basics.

Why We Snore

You could think of the snorer as a natural and prolific musician. This nocturnal noise is created when the soft tissues of the throat and mouth vibrate with each inhalation. These vibrations cause the sound we hear, which is why breathing in tends to be louder than breathing out. Allergies and congestion can also get you tuned up to start snoring.

Do Something About It

On the plus side, snoring isn’t usually harmful to your health. But it has been known to trample a budding romantic relationship. If you or your mate has a snoring habit, exhaust this list of simple solutions before you go out of your mind of exhaustion.

o Sleep on your side
o Lose weight
o Get treatment for allergy problems
o Reduce your alcohol intake
o Stop smoking
o Avoid antihistamines
o Make sure to get enough sleep
o Keep hydrated
o Replace old pillows

Get Expert Advice

If you’ve committed to a lifetime of sonorous sleeping, we can help minimize the damage. Visit A Goodnight Sleepstore and check out our Sealy Optimum mattresses. These amazing sleep surfaces are engineered to reduce sleep disturbances and help you wake up recharged and rejuvenated.

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