1) Sleeping. Yes, this is obvious. But when was the last time you slept in a tent or passed out on the floor? Even sofa beds and futons are no match for your own, tried-and-true, appropriately supportive, carefully-chosen-just-for-you mattress. (If you don’t have one of those, you need to come visit A Goodnight Sleepstore, stat!)

2) Stretching. In bed is an amazing place to stretch out and practice your power pose. Wake up, notice the light and the fresh air, and take a moment to do a favor for your body. If you don’t take that waking-moment stretch, you’re not likely to stretch later in the day.

3) Reading. Here’s another thing that’s just plain easier to do in bed. You’re quiet, isolated, and comfortable. And since it makes falling asleep easier, you might be angry with yourself at bedtime if you do it anywhere else.

4) Tea. Drinking tea goes hand in hand with reading. No matter what mood you’re in, what you’re reading, or what season it is, there’s a perfect tea to match. If you’ve never tried reading with a cuppa tea in bed, add it to your bucket list. It’s even MORE better if you’re feeling a little under the weather.

5) Scary Movies. Everybody needs to hide under the covers sometime. Watching a scary movie in bed means you’re comfy, you have maximum snuggle-up-ability, and you feel just a little bit more secure than you would on the couch.

6) Breakfast. Breakfast in bed isn’t so much about eating. It’s about feeding your soul. Nothing makes an average Joe feel like a king quite like breakfast in bed. It’s the ultimate thoughtful, completely unnecessary, really nice gesture to show someone you care.

7) Meditation. Meditating in bed can help you learn to meditate. If you haven’t tried it, just close your eyes and try to still your mind. If you manage to meditate, now you know how to get in the zone. If you fail, you’ll just fall asleep! (Make sure to set an alarm!)

8) Brainstorming. Harness your creative energy. Before you face the day with all its demands, distractions, and data, savor a quiet moment alone. Many of us do our best work in the morning, so take advantage of your clean mental slate during that fleeting first moment of the day. Perhaps while you stretch!

If you haven’t been having any great moments in your bed lately, something might be missing. Try some ideas from the list above. If they don’t work, your mattress could be sapping all the joy from your life. Don’t wallow in worn-out-mattress misery. The sleep experts at A Goodnight Sleepstore are here to help.

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