Getting a new mattress is an incredible feeling. It’s like welcoming into your home the chariot on which you will float blissfully through your dreams for the next decade. But the delivery of your amazing new mattress will instantly transform your old mattress into a big, awkward eyesore that takes up about 23 cubic feet of your house.

Sure, you can prop it against the wall, but only until your date, co-worker, or mother-in-law comes over. Holding on to an old mattress is just not a sustainable long-term solution. That’s why you need a plan.

Please don’t put that mattress in that dumpster!

Though commonly spotted in the wild in both urban and rural settings, mattresses weren’t meant to become part of the landscape. It’s not really okay to “mix up” large-item trash day with regular trash day and become the cause of the giant piece of furniture that’s obscuring your neighbor’s window. Make your mattress-buying experience a positive one for everyone by evaluating your best options.

Give it away

If it’s in good condition, The Salvation Army may be able to pick up your mattress and find it a great new home. If you want to choose the recipient yourself, Freecycle provides a marketplace where you can make sure your mattress stays in your town and out of a landfill. A perk of listing your mattress on Craigslist is the option to notify potential takers ahead of time that your mattress will be available and accessible the night before trash day, increasing the odds that it will escape the garbage truck.

Have it removed

A variety of companies will carry, transport, and/or dispose of your mattress for you. This involves a small fee but is one of the more Earth-friendly options. You might not have to lift a finger, and your mattress will likely go to a charity or recycling facility if possible.  Most municipalities nationwide have a bulky item drop-off or pickup service available. Arranging proper disposal is worth a few minutes of research and a phone call. Your neighbors would agree.

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