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A Goodnight Sleepstore takes what you might call a circumspect view of your sleep situation, and that’s why we’ve been giving you tips for years about how to get better, more comfortable, more satisfying sleep. (What? You didn’t know?)
We’re experts at talking to you about different mattress brands, models, innovations, fabrics, materials, foundations, mattress covers, and all that. But if you have sleep questions that don’t have to do with the specs of our products, we’re super happy to answer them. Our job is to get you a good night’s sleep, after all.

Keeping cool is just like warming up. Only the opposite.

So when you find yourself sweltering and don’t have the energy to dig out your AC window unit, try some of these low-tech, highly effective ways to keep cool and get some sleep.

  • Reduce sleeping temperature and impact on the environment with a pure Latex BLISS mattress.
  • Try a cool gel pillow, or switch out your down pillows for ones that absorb less heat.
  • Use a sound machine to neutralize noise with the windows open.
  • Cool your temples and wrists before you go to sleep.
  • Don’t eat before bed because the metabolic process heats up your body.
  • Fill a hot water bottle with ice water and put it under your ankles or the back of your knees.
  • You can literally freeze your sheets. This is an option. Make sure they’re dry first.
  • Cut down on cuddling. Sleep solo and spread out to minimize your temperature while sleeping.

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