A National Sleep Foundation poll resulted in over 25% of high school students admitting they’ve fallen asleep during class, which could then cause letter grades to drop. Insufficient rest can also negatively affect a teen’s mood, cause skin breakouts, and even lead to lapses in memory.

Get Those Zzzz’s

Some tips for teens to encourage more sleep:

• Exercise regularly
• Avoid soda & coffee beverages after 4pm
• Turn off the computer, phone, and/or TV at least an hour before bed
• Avoid all-nighters – don’t wait until the last minute to study! Inadequate sleep can lead to even poorer grades than inadequate studying!
• Set the mood – keep the bedroom dark, and switch the thermostat to a cooler temperature.

The Mattress Matters

That twin bed isn’t going to cut it in the teenage years. It’s important to find a mattress that is comfortable and has enough support, yet leaves room for a growing body.

Talk to your teens about sleep! They’ll have to do it for the rest of their lives. Include them in the decision of finding the best mattress for their needs. Will you choose a Sealy? How about a Simmons? Or maybe even a Stearns & Foster? We have mattresses for every budget and a staff of sleep specialists who will happily help you (and your son or daughter) to find the best mattress for them. Stop by A Goodnight Sleepstore today!

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