We did it for a third time – and it’s all thanks to you! Star News Media announced its 2015 ShorePicks winners, and A Goodnight Sleepstore is proud to be among them for 3 years in a row! Our ShorePicks “Best Mattress Store” title is a particular honor because the winners are chosen by our most important critics – you!

Each year, Star News conducts a wide-ranging readers’ poll to find the best local bites, businesses, and personalities in 100 different categories. We’re delighted to be at the top of the heap of places to buy a new mattress. Since we spend our days helping members of our communities get a good night’s sleep, we don’t always get to focus on the bigger picture. Your votes send the message that we’re doing something right.

If you’ve just discovered our discount mattress stores throughout the Carolinas, we think there are a few important differences that make A Goodnight Sleepstore stand out.

  • We are devoted to exceptional customer service.
  • We have an incredibly knowledgeable staff.
  • We carry the most trusted and established names in comfort.
  • We guarantee a good night’s sleep AND the lowest price mattresses.

So if you voted this year, THANK YOU! If you’re new to our store, we invite you to take a look around. And if you know of a way we could make A Goodnight Sleepstore even better, please leave us a comment. Your feedback helps us improve our business.

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