Some of the best surprises come when normal things totally exceed our expectations. By their nature, such serendipitous moments are difficult to plan for ourselves. Without firsthand experience, you’re unlikely to notice the potential. Once you’ve experienced the joy of a special surprise, it can be easier to pass on to the next person. Well, we’re here to give you a shortcut. We have a gift – perfect for yourself or a loved one – that’s almost certain to pleasantly surprise. Our suggested stuffer of huge stockings is an awesome latex mattress topper.

It adds a layer of organic protection.

Organic mattresses are all the rage these days. Unfortunately, many of us are in the middle years with our mattresses. It’s way too late to return them and way too early to start shopping. Enter the low-commitment mattress topper. This bedding accessory can make a horrible mattress livable and a pretty-good one incredible. You’ll get all the hypoallergenic, mold-and-dust-mite-resistant, temperature-regulating goodness of a latex mattress without the expense, time investment, or disposal of a perfectly good conventional mattress.

It’s great for your guests.

Won’t it be better to impress your mother than to have her interrogate you at breakfast as to why there’s no potpourri in the guest bathroom? No sachet in the drawer she’ll use for the next two days? A latex mattress topper in the guest room ensures that all your guests get more restful sleep and happier days. Perhaps the comfy, seemingly new bed will make their memories of their time with you sweeter. Or maybe you’ll just weather fewer hecklings. Regardless, everyone will have a better holiday.

Can you say staycation?

If you haven’t done this, prepare to have your mind blown. When was the last time you slept in a room in your house that wasn’t your own bedroom? Stayed on the couch when you dozed off during a movie? Purposely pulled out the basement sofa bed? Crashed in the guest bed? Kudos if this is new to you, because you’ve tripped over some untapped potential for domestic delight. It may sound unlikely, but sleeping somewhere else – even in your own home – is refreshing. Even if you’re a veritable at-home nomad, a latex mattress topper will add a new layer of luxury to your flexible sleeping spaces.

Shop in comfort.

So your mattress is worn out. You know it’s time to get a new bed, but you haven’t found “the one.” There’s no reason to suffer, even temporarily. Sleeping on your worn-out mattress can cause a whole host of problems, including back pain, pressure points, allergy problems, and exhaustion. A mattress topper won’t improve every aspect of your mattress, but it will keep you more comfortable during the process of tracking down the right new one. A pure latex mattress topper will keep you from making a hasty decision that could ultimately prolong your discomfort. To help make the search more efficient, we’ve put together these tips for achieving mattress-shopping success.

Motion Absorption

Did you know that natural latex regulates heat and motion? If your spouse has been tossing and turning, keeping you up at night, this might be a very important feature for you. By adding a latex topper to your existing mattress, you can immediately enjoy some of the properties you’d get from a latex mattress. The goal is to improve your quality of life through great sleep, and combining solutions is just another strategy for getting there. Visit a local mattress discounter to see the difference between a supportive latex topper and other types of bedding accessories.

It doesn’t end there.

We could go on and on about the benefits of these underappreciated mattress toppers. Latex provides great support, is resistant to mold and dust mites, and won’t get lumpy over time. If you want someone special to be thankful for you in the first moments of every day, this thoughtful gift should shoot to the top of the list. Or add it to your own wish list. Either way, someone will wind up having a very happy holiday.

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