A Mixed Bag

Evidence suggests that when men and women co-sleep, women tend to get the short end of the stick. Both men and women benefit from the comfort and security of sleeping close to a loved one. But for women, who sleep more deeply, a tossing and turning hubby can interrupt sleep and have a serious impact on quality of rest.

Debbie Downers

In studies, women consistently report sleeping poorly, while men report sleeping well. However, the scientific data suggests that women actually sleep better than they think they do – and men actually sleep worse! That’s when people’s own opinions of their sleep are compared with actual scientific observation. Sounds like a glass-half-empty (or half-full) situation! It might just be that women are better at prioritizing taking care of themselves, or that men always look on the bright side of sleep. Who knows?

It Takes Two

Across the board, people are generally more satisfied with their sleep when they share it with a loved one. And men are generally happier with their sleep than women. To ward off the battle of the sexes, doesn’t it just make sense to make sure both partners have what they need for awesome sleep?

A Worthwhile Study

A lot of research is being done these days about the role of gender in sleep differences, and sleep-products industry is paying attention. The sleep quality of our partners is an important factor in our relationships and our overall health. So while it looks silly to test a bed by dropping a bowling ball on it, the motion resistance delivered by mattresses like the new Sealy Optimum Line actually solves an age old problem.

If you can’t get your guy to invest in a solid sleeping space, remind him that something needs to make up for the sleep you’re losing because of him. A plush nighttime paradise of gel memory foam, high thread counts, and great pillows certainly couldn’t hurt!

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