If you pay any attention to commercials, or have done any research into buying a new mattress, you’ve likely heard about all kinds of new technology. Memory foam, organic latex, gel, and new construction styles have been all the rage over the last decade. But have you ever wondered what happened to the tried-and-true inner-spring mattress? After all, the classic bed construction seems to have served us well for decades. Well, we’re here to tell you that spring-based mattresses are anything but extinct. You don’t have to spring for an advanced technology to get the softness and support your body needs for a great night’s sleep. As a matter of fact, a majority of Americans prefer the comfort offered by inner-spring mattresses, which have also seen their fair share of improvements over the years.

Inner-Spring is Here to Stay!

Inner-spring mattresses are still among the most popular beds on the American market. When you visit one of our Carolina mattress stores, you can even take a peek inside with cross-sections of many of our mattress models. You’ll quickly see that traditional mattress are adapting just as quickly as the rest of the market, and they offer an option for everyone. As you consider different mattress models, you’re sure to run into some terms that seem more technical than they need to be. Here’s the breakdown of the ways mattress makers talk about their mattress coils. Rather than making a full scientific assessment, we recommend that you take note of any features or numbers that help you make your decisions, and take the rest with a grain of salt.

Coil Type

They may fall under other names, but there are essentially four types of coils: Continuous coils, Bonnell coils, Offset coils, and Marshall coils. Focus your conversation with a sleep expert on which type of coil is in each mattress. When you find a mattress you think you like, do a little research to find out whether its coils will meet your needs.

Wire gauge

Wire gauge is simply a number that indicates thickness. The greater the number, the thicker the coil. Gauge often increases or decreases in ¼-inch increments. Though wire gauge is important in determining how firm a mattress feels, you should also consider whether the gauge of the coils is consistent throughout the mattress.

Coil Count

The reality of coil count is that it’s a whole lot less meaningful than it used to be. With so many different coils on the market, it’s a better bet to focus on other aspects of the mattress. Comfort and quality are impacted much more by coil height, tempering, and whether the coils are connected to one another.


Transcend the Tech Speak

If you’re interested in learning all you can about the role of coils in supporting your sleeping body, we’re here to help. But if this all sounds way too complicated, we can relate. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to simplify the shopping process and make sure you get the just-right mattress for your best night’s sleep. Feel it out. You might have to do a little more laying around than a customer who’s strategically identified their ideal coil count and configuration, but it’ll be worth it. Cut through the confusion, get comfortable on some beds, and listen to your body. When it comes to your comfort, there’s only one opinion that really matters, and that’s yours.

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