Recent studies have revealed something that parents aren’t going to like – media use can lead to depression in college students and disrupt sleep patterns in preschool aged children.

According to, the study focused on different uses of media and its effects on children and young adults.

In one study, in which 224 eligible college students at two U.S. universities completed a survey – including an Internet Addiction Test (IAT) and a Patient Health Questionnaire – there was a significant association between problematic Internet usage overall and moderate to severe depression.

In a separate study, the results demonstrated how the use of media such as television, video games, social media and online content can affect a child’s sleep.

In the study of more than 600 children aged three to five years, researchers observed increased sleep problems in preschool-aged children for each additional hour of daytime violent media content or evening media use.

Evening media use, on the other hand, was associated with significantly increased sleep problems regardless of content type.

The types of sleep problems reported by parents included trouble falling asleep, nightmares, waking during the night, trouble with morning alertness and daytime sleepiness.

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