Mattresses can be hard to get excited about. Their real benefit is totally intangible, and the packages they come in couldn’t be more boring. If you’ve been wading into mattress shopping but having trouble focusing, you might be putting the cart before the horse. To really get jazzed about your new bed, focus on the fun part – the headboard. This personality-packed statement piece can be the centerpiece of your bedroom – or your whole home if you live in a studio. Before you nail down the functional pieces of your sleep surface, explore a world of possibilities when it comes to headboard design. You’re sure to find a stylish way to keep your pillows from resting against the wall.

Make it — or buy it — yourself.

It’s extremely trendy to make your own belongings for every imaginable purpose, but when it comes to big, bulky items, DIY can save you a ton of cash. Making your own headboard from reclaimed materials will get your creative juices flowing in a super planet-friendly way. In addition to the run-of-the-mill flat, wooden variety, you can find simple instructions for upholstered, pallet, or tile headboards. If you want to go way beyond the bounds of convention, check out some truly inspiring headboard designs that incorporate rugs, books, pillows, artwork, and other furniture. Not everyone has the time, tools, or skills to make things on their own, so it’s good that done-for-you options also abound. Find deals at Overstock and Costco, do one-stop shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond, or go high-end with Architonic or Pottery Barn. Don’t worry either way. The best pre-fabs look DIY!

To footboard or not to footboard?

In some circles, it’s customary for a footboard to accompany any headboard. If that’s your style, you can carry on with your self-sufficiency and make your own. You needn’t, however, be pressured into stifled feet. The choice of whether or not to cap your bed off at the bottom is entirely yours to make. For many people, the drawbacks of a footboard outweigh the benefits. That bottom boundary can make your feet too hot and the bed too hard to make. Still, if your duvet tends to slink toward the floor in the night, you might find that no footboard leaves you feeling too cold.

Cradle to Cradle — Literally

It’s obviously eco-friendly to repurpose would-be trash as part of your bed. But if you’re getting rid of an existing headboard to make way for a new one, your impact will be neutral at best. In the spirit of sustainability, keep your imaginative synapses firing and find a way to repurpose your discarded headboard. With a little refurbishing, your old furniture can be made into a shelf, a bench, or even a door. If you’re DIYed out after bringing your headboard vision to life, it’s 2015, so you have Craigslist, Yerdle, Freecycle, and any number of large-item-pickup services to choose from.


If you still haven’t pinned down the perfect headboard design, dive into this completely awe-inspiring series, aptly called the “Ultimate Source of Headboard Ideas.” If you can’t find it there, go find a 3D printer because it doesn’t exist. Once you have your headboard in hand or on its way, use your momentum to propel you to a few really awesome local mattress stores. Take a rest from construction or late-night Pinteresting to test some beds that will do your incredible headboard justice. When you’ve found the perfect mattress, we’ll be right here with the guaranteed lowest price.

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