We have something to occur on an almost daily basis. A customer will walk in and ask “how long should my mattress last?” It’s a good question. Unfortunately, it can be a really tough one to answer.

We recently came across a great blog that suggests better longevity with a latex mattress, mainly due of its resilience and unbeatable 20 year (and sometimes longer) warranty.

One of the best substantiating reasons why latex foam mattresses can last that long is because the foam rubber core within them is extremely elastic, resilient, and durable. Other foam or pillow top mattresses give out, cave in, sag, or bottom out in shorter periods of time because they are not made to repeatedly absorb the weight of a person and spring back. Latex mattresses form to the contours of a person’s body while he or she is lying on one, and then when arising, the material quickly regains the original shape prior to the pressure being applied to it.

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