Are you excited about the prospect of buying a new mattress in 2018? If not, you should be. Finding yourself at the end of your bed’s life is an opportunity to improve more than just your nighttime comfort. Making the transition from a worn-out mattress to a newer, more supportive model brings benefits that extend far beyond the bedroom.

More Restful Sleep

You’d be amazed how many people don’t realize that the condition of their mattress is directly tied to the quality of their sleep. Have you been one of them? From heat control to motion absorption and proper comfort, your mattress has lots of jobs to do. If it’s no longer making them happen, the result is suffering for you. The research results keep rolling out, demonstrating the myriad ways that good sleep correlates with an exceptional quality of life.

No More Pain

Sleeping on an old mattress can leave you plagued by chronic pain in your lower back, neck, shoulders, or legs. Throw out the source of those pressure points and replace it with a modern mattress designed to prevent them. The key to pain relief is to make sure your new mattress meets your personal needs. Be sure to document your pain – especially unexplained, recurring aches – and discuss it with a sleep expert before you make a purchase. This is your chance to kick pain to the curb along with your old mattress. Make sure you get rid of both.

Reduced Stress

When you’re well rested, you have a higher threshold for adversity. Getting better sleep on a new mattress will impact your quality of life by reducing the stress and anxiety you experience. It will also improve your overall health in ways you may not notice. Having a lower level of stress will lead to better control over your blood pressure. The quality of your sleep may even affect your cholesterol levels, which play a significant role in heart health — or disease. Stop lying awake worrying about how little sleep you’re getting. With the right mattress, you’ll get the sleep you need and put a dent in the stress you experience throughout your day.

Alleviated Allergies

Does going to sleep make you sneeze? When your mattress has been picking up allergens for a decade, it can stimulate an allergy-fest. Replacing it will give you a fresh start – and the opportunity to cover or encase your new sleep surface so that no allergens are allowed in. Better yet, buy a new bed made of hypoallergenic materials like organic latex which naturally repels mold, water, fungus, and bacteria. You’ll soon be experiencing sweet allergy relief.

Immune Boost

During flu season, most of us don’t make time for extra rest until we’ve called in sick from work. A better plan, however, would be to beef up on sleep all the while you’re popping those immune-boosting supplements so you don’t get sick in the first place. Insufficient sleep suppresses the immune system, leaving you vulnerable to illness when you’re skimping on shuteye. If your old mattress is shot, avoiding buying a new one could lead you smack into a case of influenza. And who wants to recuperate from the flu on a bumpy, uncomfortable bed? Take action while you’re healthy to support your immune system as well as your spine, and to improve the healing process when you do come down with a cold.

Weight Control

According to clinical research, people who are sleep-deprived are more likely to gain weight and lose muscle mass. There are several systems at play. First off, being tired makes a person hungrier, so you’re more likely to indulge in extra, empty calories when you’re not well rested. If your worn-out bed is keeping you awake, your hormones are likely out of whack as well. Sleep deprivation suppresses the hormone that tells us when we’re full and causes the ones that trigger hunger and fat storage to spike. More eating + more storing of calories = weight gain. To take control, you’ll need to get adequate quality sleep, and a new mattress will make that easier.

Improved Memory & Focus

Your brain doesn’t just turn off while you’re sleeping, and all its power isn’t devoted to dreaming. Sleep is the time when your brain encodes and stores memories. Without plenty of rest, your mind doesn’t have time to consolidate memories that can be recalled later on — an essential part of the learning process. When it comes to focus, even minor sleep deprivation can make it very hard to concentrate. Adults experience this symptom of sleep loss as fatigue, while it manifests in kids as hyperactivity.

Ready, Set, Shop!

Are you ready for this? Take advantage of the opportunity at your fingertips. No, really — get to typing, and research the best mattress options for you. Then beat feet to a mattress store near you to test-drive some sleep surfaces. Get answers to your questions, narrow down the possibilities, and find the best deal. Whenever you’re ready, A Goodnight Sleepstore is here to help you get your best night’s sleep ever!

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