Have you ever had a conversation about organic mattresses? If not, you’ll be amazed at how predictable they are when you finally encounter one. They usually go exactly like this:

Person 1 says something about an organic mattress.
Person 2 asks, “What, are you gonna eat your mattress?”
Person 1 either agrees or stops having a conversation with Person 2.

For this and other reasons, early conversations about organic mattresses have been less than inspiring.

We’re just getting started.

As far as modern America is concerned, organic mattresses are a very young phenomenon. They’re still in the early adoption stage. That means not very many people have them, and the people who do are likely to have very strong feelings about them. Many of those early adopters will have paid more than the average American would pay for any sleep surface, let alone one they don’t believe exists.

Bring on the buzz!

The organic-mattress conversation has been missing that secret ingredient that propelled brands like Prius and Apple to massive success – buzz. We think it’s time for those who believe in the future of organic mattresses to raise their voices. If we build buzz, we can build momentum. With momentum, we can build economic force. With economic force, we can build infrastructure in manufacturing, sourcing, and organic certification. And with infrastructure, we can build a lasting framework for genuinely awesome, affordable, and legitimate organic bedding.

The market demands legitimacy.

Everyone knows that word-of-mouth is the best advertising. In the 80s and 90s, products were elevated to superstar status by actual superstars telling us to use them. Today, the tide is shifting, and increasingly more consumers are relying on the words of actual humans to influence their decisions. And with good reason – we’re no longer experiencing a time of excess and free spending. We need real-world voices that we can trust to share with us their own real-world experiences. In some ways, thanks to online reviews and shopping, it’s the best time in history to be a consumer.

Decide where you stand.

If you believe that today’s organic mattresses are just the tip of the iceberg, solidify your position. What’s going right in your opinion, and what still needs to change? Speak openly about it and learn more when you can. Stand by what you believe and share your opinions, and you can be part of the paradigm shift that leads to people everywhere spending their nights on safe, environmentally neutral mattresses. We all deserve a healthy place to lay our heads.

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