From Dream Room to Nightmare

When the question flies out of your mouth it belies your desperation. The innkeeper informs you that the mattresses in the house were chosen for their cloudlike softness. A soft mattress is terrible for your back! It will contort your body into all kinds of unnatural geometric shapes. What will keep your already-out-of-whack fascia and bones in place? You press down on the mattress and it’s cotton-candy soft. It’s too late to call another place and book a room. Your only option is to make sure the innkeeper has some Advil on hand for the morning.

Traveling takes a lot of brain power.

There are always transportation options to consider, schedules to coordinate, and troubles to shoot. In lining up all the elements of a smooth, successful trip, our comfort almost never gets prioritized. After all, traveling is by its nature somewhat uncomfortable. Well, we’re here to tell you that your next trip doesn’t have to feel bad. Even if your flight gets delayed or you have a fight with your sister or your sale falls through, you have the power to decide whether you’ll wash away your day with rejuvenating rest or pine away like the Princess who slept on that pea.

The secret to traveling well is simple. Ask about your bed.

That’s all you have to do. Just ask what their beds are like. Take the extra moment to check in with a human before you book your reservation. Ask if there is a range of soft and firm beds, or if every bed in the hotel is the same. Ask what kinds of pillows you’ll find in your room and whether they will be plentiful. Ask for extra blankets because your room being freezing only really matters if you can’t get warm.

Take a Test Drive.

If you’re in the market for a new bed, traveling can provide a fantastic opportunity. Sure, our Sleep Guarantee ensures that you can return your mattress if you’re not satisfied, but no one sets out to buy the wrong mattress. If you need a new mattress and will be traveling, narrow down your options through technical specs and reviews. Visit a Goodnight Sleepstore discount mattress location to feel some mattresses yourself. If you’re not ready to choose your bed for the next decade, call around when you book your next room. Stay in a place that uses the kind of mattress you’re thinking of buying. Get a real night’s sleep on it to kill two birds with one stone.

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