Have you ever dreamed of sleeping on a cloud? If you’re thinking about replacing your mattress, it’s likely you dream about it all the time – or wish you could dream at all while you lie awake!

The great thing about living in the future (compared to everyone else who’s ever lived, we do!) is that technology continues to change, bringing us better and better solutions. (It might bring us bigger problems, too, but that’s another can of worms.)

Discover Gel Mattresses

If you haven’t heard about gel mattresses, hold on to your hat. The latest and greatest minds in the world of sleep have introduced new technology that literally absorbs just about everything that’s ever kept you awake at night. They can’t keep your cat from clawing at your face, but they can make it matter less when your dog jumps on your bed.

Temperature Control – Gel memory foam draws excess heat away from your body, achieving the best possible temperature conditions. Sealy Optimum Mattresses (link) actually use material used to give performance athletic apparel its temperature-control properties.
Support – The firm base layer at the bottom of the mattress provides deep, foundational support.
Motion Transfer – Gel memory foam also absorbs motion. If you’re used to waking up every time your partner rolls over, a gel mattress may be right for you.
Value – Gel memory foam mattresses, when maintained properly, can last up to twice as long as traditional inner-spring mattresses.

Keep in mind that the newest gel memory foam mattresses (link to Sealy optimum products) aren’t for everyone. If you’re just looking for a functional place to sleep, you can probably get by with a traditional mattress. But if you’re at a point in life where your time and sleep are important to you, and you’re ready to make an investment in yourself, it’s wise to consider the best the industry has to offer.

Tell us — What keeps you awake at night?

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