Remember the last time you heard about an invention and said, out loud, “I can’t believe that’s a thing!” Well, get ready to discover that invention. Somehow, this actually became a thing way back in 2011, but it resurfaced as a buzzing conversation this summer. You might say it’s the heartbeat of the conversation.

Engineers keep churning out sleep gadgets.

We’ve told you about lots of advancements in mattress technology, sleep research, and smart bedtime wearables. We even gave away some cooling gel pillows. This new one, however, pretty much takes the cake for creativity. If you’re the kind of person who makes room in bed for your partner even when he or she is on another continent, this was made for you. Pillow Talk is the biggest innovation in remote sleep communication since video chat.

It just keeps getting better.

The Pillow Talk device started as a pillow and has now evolved into a small speaker that you can put inside of any pillow. The first iteration would light up, emitting a warm glow whenever your partner lay down to sleep. Unfortunately, with a pillow lighting up the bedroom, you’d have to balance your need for long-distance intimacy with your need for high-quality, complete sleep cycles. In each model, a high-tech wearable captures your lover’s heartbeat and transmits it across the miles to your pillow, where you can hear it plain as day. Today’s version is significantly smaller than previous versions, and uses a wristband instead of a sensor ring.

How do you feel about Pillow Talk?

Trolls abound in online conversations about this interesting invention. While some think it’s a dream come true for military families, others say it’s downright creepy. Wherever you stand, you have to admit that this is a creative adaptation of technology. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we’re all for innovation, but maintain that form is pretty important when it comes to pillows. But now that the Pillow Talk speaker is transferrable, you can enjoy the rhythm of a distant heartbeat from an ultra-supportive Tempur-Pedic or gel memory foam pillow. Why choose one feature when you can have them all?

We want to know – how would you respond if your partner asked you to bring Pillow Talk into the bedroom?

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