Find What Feels Right

If you’re sensitive to mattress lumps, you could go through scores of mattresses before you ever find the perfect bed. That’s where we come in. When you shop at A Goodnight Sleepstore, we’ll give you the attention you deserve, the time to shop the right way, and the guidance to choose a bed that you’ll be excited to jump into night after night. Of course, if you do feel something you don’t like after you take your new bed home, our sleep guarantee ensures that you’ll sleep happily ever after your return or exchange.

Avoid Trouble Spots

When you buy a new mattress is the ideal time to take proactive steps. If you take care of your mattress from the get-go, you can extend its life and the comfort it offers you.

The best first step is to add a mattress topper. This can be a feather bed, a memory foam topper, or just a mattress protector.What you choose will depend on what type of bed you’re protecting. Since the salt in your sweat can break down mattress materials, a waterproof layer adds the ultimate protection.

The foundation of your bed is ultra important. It pays to consider the foundation of your bed as part of the overall investment. When a mattress is used on top of an incorrect or insufficient base, lumps and sagging are more likely to occur.

If you have an older mattress, you’ll want to flip it regularly. No matter what kind of mattress you have, you should also flip it head to toe to ensure even wear.

Once a bed gets lumpy, it’s hard to make it comfortable again. Mattress toppers, plywood, and comfy sheets can help in the short term (or in your guest room) but there’s no substitute for preventative care. Before you leave the mattress store, have your protection plan in place. You’ll never regret it.

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