It’s normal to think twice.

I’m guilty. When I recently bought a new mattress, I seriously considered not buying a new foundation. I bargained. I made a pros and cons list. While I was still at the store, I thought better of it and invested a new Amish wood box spring. Unfortunately, what I didn’t do was measure the stairwell it would have to go up.

Stuck with an old Box Spring

Try as they might (and did they ever!), the crew couldn’t fit my beautiful new queen box spring up the steps on delivery day. So, we put the new mattress on the old split box spring and scheduled a new delivery time for a two-piece queen box spring. I slept on this new/old combo for two days.

The difference was incredible.

The new mattress, though clearly superior in a lot of ways, just didn’t feel like it had in the store. I got scared that I’d made the wrong decision and would have to use my handy return policy, but I held out to see whether the new box spring would restore that in-store feel.

It totally did.

As soon as we got that worn-out box spring switched out, I could feel the firm support and plush comfort that inspired my mattress choice in the first place. After experiencing the difference between the old and new foundations, I was grateful to the sleep expert at the store for emphasizing the need for a new box spring. To help you avoid making the same mistake I almost did, here are the very valid reasons he gave me for making the investment.

Benefits for your Mattress

Compared to the mattress it supports, a new foundation is not that expensive. As a sort of insurance policy, it’s worth the extra cost to protect your investment. The box spring creates a flat and firm structure for the mattress to lie upon, and it absorbs shock and wear over the life of your bed. Some manufacturers even require the use of a new foundation to preserve their mattress warranties.

Benefits for your Body

Without a strong foundation, your mattress can sag and cause you sleepless nights. The role of the box spring is to reinforce the construction of your mattress so that it delivers full support and comfort. An insufficient or worn-out foundation can create pressure points that your mattress was designed to prevent. A foundation also lifts your sleeping surface off of the floor so that it’s easier to get in and out of bed.

Far from Obsolete

When you’re researching mattresses, you’re likely to come across websites that claim box springs are obsolete. While it’s true that they no longer perform the precise function (involving wire coils) that they originally did, quality foundations are far from useless. Modern mattresses are heavy, technologically advanced, and instrumental in quality sleep. When the time comes to replace your mattress, be sure to carefully consider the benefits of a new foundation.

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