Sleep geeks, get ready to rejoice. The single invention that packs every conceivable sleep-enhancing technology developed to date into one package is finally here – almost. This epitomizing development in modern sleep is called the Zeeq smart pillow, and its realization currently depends on a very active Kickstarter campaign.

Even if you’re late to the party, there’s cause for excitement.

While Zeeq’s creators set out to raise $50,000 to construct a pillow even the Jetsons would wait in line for, they’ve managed to amass $300,000 in crowd-sourced pledges. The promised list of features has sold thousands of Zeeq pillows sight unseen. It should be just a matter of time until this Bluetooth-enabled device takes its place on the top shelf at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Bedding with Buzz

The Zeeq pillow has earned renown as the “Swiss Army Knife of bedding.” It’s super-charged the smart-pillow conversation, and it also literally buzzes, using an embedded motor to encourage you to shift positions or to wake you up quietly. Over its two years of prototyping, this pillow was packed full of all the functions you’d expect your smartphone-enabled bed to deliver in 2016.


  • Is made from comfortable, high-quality materials
  • Delivers many functions by way of a smartphone app
  • Plays music only you can hear
  • Soothes your brain with your favorite playlist, Spotify streaming, or binaural beats
  • Monitors your sleep – without wearables
  • Senses the decibels of your snores
  • Nudges you to switch position if you’re snoring too loud
  • Measures your movement in 3-dimensional space
  • Silently wakes you up – when you tell it to or according to your sleep cycle
  • Holds a charge for a week
  • Is easily laundered and refilled
  • Combines the benefits of a contour pillow with the comfort of a traditional one
  • Integrates info about your diet, exercise & daily habits
  • Does all of this wirelessly

In addition to all its technical abilities, Zeeq provides serious comfort and support, all inside a wool-based pillowcase that naturally inhibits bacterial growth.

Music you can (both) fall asleep to…

Worried that your spouse’s tunes will keep you awake? On the contrary. The speakers are strategically embedded throughout the pillow so that the user can hear the tunes in any position, but the music is inaudible to anyone else – unless the volume is cranked way up. But in the interest of better sleep, Zeeq actually monitors snoring and encourages the sleeper to change position if they’re making too much noise. That means more, higher quality sleep for the primary user, as well as for anyone snoozing nearby.

Get ready for your best night’s sleep!

Smart bedding hasn’t hit the mainstream yet, but it’s well on its way. With all the data tracking and adjusting available to us, there’s no excuse for getting a poor night’s sleep! If an inability to sleep deeply has you searching for answers, the Zeeq pillow could be your answer. But if a $300 pillow isn’t your ideal starting point, start with a conversation. On the phone, online, or in our discount mattress stores, you can connect with a sleep expert who will hone in on the most important aspects of your sleep. Whether you get your data in an app or just from experience, we can help you make sense of your sleep cycle and find the bed of your dreams.

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