More Zzz’s for health

Sleep-deprived women can suffer from weight gain, higher stress levels, and lower immunity. They also have a higher risk of heart disease, depression, and even blood clotting. Higher inflammation markers are a factor as well, which are linked to pain. Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus explained in the Duke study that women can actually be in more pain when they wake up. In contrast, men’s health is not linked as closely to how much they sleep.

Naptime: Not just for kids

Naps know no age limit! We live in a work-driven culture and it’s hard to get that 8 hours. If you don’t clock in enough sleep at night, try getting some quick shut-eye during the day. Naps are able to give your brain more of a boost than an afternoon latte and can even increase creativity and productivity throughout the work day. Your nap should only be either 25 or 90 minutes long, though, as any other length can make you feel worse when you wake up. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a short cat-nap or a full night’s sleep you’re looking for; the perfect mattress is waiting at A Goodnight Sleepstore!


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