Once you really love your bed, it can be hard to get out. But a great night’s sleep won’t do much for your life unless you take action during the day.

Here are some early morning pick-me-ups to make you jump out of bed like you did back when all you wanted in the world was to watch cartoons.

Write a note to yourself. Give yourself the best chance at success. Find the idea that will work best for you, write it down, and post it near your bed as an early-morning reminder.

Start with gratitude. We all have funky thoughts in the morning – weird dreams, worries, and thoughts of things we dread doing. Don’t dwell on the dismal. Replace those thoughts and use the first moments of the day to think of all the things you’re thankful for. Gratitude is a great way to face your day.

Look forward to something. It doesn’t matter if it’s today or in a month. Imagine the next great thing. If you don’t have anything planned, explore some ideas!

Smile. This one is easy to remember and even easier to do. Who knows if science will prove it? It’s worth a try.

Create a vision board. Want something you don’t have yet? Find a picture or make a collage so you can envision making it a reality.

Use a song or pleasant sound. Nothing makes you hide under the sheets like an obnoxious alarm clock. This is 2013! Wake up to a sweet sound.

Savor your snooze. If you can ever make yourself do it, just linger for a few minutes in the morning. Appreciate the sounds and the day’s potential.

Let some light in. Getting up in the dark is difficult. Help your mind and body wake up by blocking light at night and letting the sunshine in when you wake.

Get a great night’s sleep every night. Sleeping better at night makes for better days. If you need a great sleep space, we can help. Visit a sleep expert at A Goodnight Sleepstore near you. We’ll take the time to find the right bed for you.

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