What’s the worst that could happen?

One of the worst forms of mattress anxiety occurs when you diligently shop for a mattress, you make an informed decision, you test patiently, and you buy what you’re confident should be the best mattress for you. When you take it home, the anxiety can creep in. A little voice in your head starts asking, “Did my arm always bend like that? Did I feel this warm? Do I like feeling warm? Am I awake because I don’t like this mattress or because I’m laying here asking anxious questions about my mattress?” We can’t guarantee we’ll silence that voice, but we are sure that we do everything we can to get you your best goodnight’s sleep. (That’s why we’re A Goodnight Sleepstore.)

Knowing is half the battle.

In the war against guilt, remorse, second-guessing, and all the other negative emotions associated with buying a mattress, we’ve made sure to cover all our bases. Our first line of defense is knowledge. Our sleep experts know our mattresses inside and out – literally. They know what’s in every mattress model, what’s not, what’s on the outside, and what it looks like when you cut it in half. Staff members are continually updated about advances in technology, textiles, and sustainability. They also understand the science of sleep and the factors that determine how much sleep you’re getting, as well as how restful it is. If you come in knowing what you want from a mattress, we’re prepared to hit the nail right on the head.

Just to be safe.

We don’t want everyone to return the mattresses they buy. That would mean that we were doing a terrible job! Fortunately, it rarely happens. We invest in our people so that they can serve you patiently, respectfully, and insightfully – no matter how picky you are about your bed. We want to send you home with the perfect mattress for your comfort on your first visit. But while we’re confident in our recommendations, we know we can be wrong.

You can forget to tell us the most important non-negotiable thing you need in a mattress. You can decide that you really do need the extra real estate provided by a King. To take out all the risk, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our 30-day risk-free return policy. If you don’t like your mattress, there’s just a small delivery fee. We want to be the mattress store that you remember a decade from now when you need a new great night’s sleep.

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