If you are like me at all, you are always fighting to lose weight. I am a habitual dieter and will try any fad diet or tip that I heard from anywhere that might help me shed a few pounds.  This article is for my fellow waistline watchers.

Being in the mattress industry, it is no surprise to me that getting the right amount of sleep can help you control your weight. I was ,however, surprised to learn that keeping your home temperature below 68 degrees F helps you lose weight. According to the International Journal of Obesity, keeping your home at a lower temperature forces your body to burn calories trying to maintain it’s tempurature of 98 degrees F.

This may sound like a small insignificant thing to do that you think might not make a bit of difference. But to a habitual dieter, this is just another weapon I have in my battle against the bulge.  Thanks for the tip International Journal of Obesity.

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