A Peek Inside

Everyone is talking about organic latex mattresses these days. But how many people even know what one is? It’s all pretty simple, really. Latex is a natural type of foam that’s made from the sap of the Para rubber tree. It does not contain any plastics or petroleum-based materials whatsoever. The natural latex particles are suspended in water and whipped into a foam. The foam rubber is then heated and poured into a mold to form the base of the bed. The Talalay latex manufacturing process is very precise and designed to avoid the air pockets and other imperfections that can occur with other types of mattress materials.

There’s not much in there – in a good way!

Our organic natural latex mattresses are constructed and feature a support core surrounded by a softer comfort layer. Both are made completely of organic latex. There are no crazy chemicals and no moving parts that can wear out or poke through. It’s just a comfy, spine-supporting cloud of breathable foam rubber that happens to be better for your health than most other mattress materials on the market.

Latex maintains its figure.

What we mean is that latex doesn’t lose its buoyancy. You sleep on top of it, not cradled in it like memory foam, so you won’t sink when you lay on it. It’s even a fast-response material, so you never have to wait for your bed to adjust or avoid moving for fear you’ll lose your cozy comfort. While most mattresses will lose their support and become “worn in” where you sleep, a latex mattress will provide consistent comfort over all the years that you use it. It won’t get lumpy or start (literally) letting you down.

Take a test run.

Now that you know a little bit more about the ins and outs of an all-natural organic latex mattress, you should feel one for yourself. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, you can get personal recommendations and as much guidance as you’d like. You can lay on our latex mattresses and we won’t rush you off of them. Whether you come to one of our Carolina mattress stores or another type close to you, keep an eye on the tags of the mattresses you’re seriously considering. A higher latex content ensures you’re getting all the benefits – support, durability, pressure relief, and of course a genuinely organic mattress.

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