If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you’ve undoubtedly heard the mattress-shopping horror stories. Online reviews and local commercials can make buying a mattress sound just as nerve-wracking and high-stakes as purchasing a car. While we can’t improve your experience on the car lot, we can assure you that your mattress-buying process doesn’t have to be a confusing, frustrating, high-pressure crap-shoot. In fact, it shouldn’t be any of those things. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we take customer service seriously because it’s what sets us apart and keeps our customers happy. Here’s what we believe it takes to have the best customer service in the industry.

No-Pressure, Personalized Service

If the fear of salespeople has inspired you to swear never to set foot in a mattress store, you’ve been done a disservice. While you should be able to buy any mattress make and model under the sun online, that shopping convenience doesn’t address the fact that this is a matter of personal comfort. If you happen to be in North Carolina, the solution is simple. Just head right into one of our brick-and-mortar mattress stores, spark up a conversation with a sleep expert, and test-drive beds to your heart’s content. If you’re in any of the 47 other continental states, you can still get pressure-free help from one of our sleep experts. Just give us a call or use the Live Help feature on our website. We’re here to serve you, and we’ve been helping people all over the country get the best sleep of their lives for years. Don’t settle for less than the personalized service you deserve.

Diverse Product Lines

Accessibility and willingness to talk won’t get you very far if you can’t connect customers with great products. The service is there to support the sale, not just to push it through. In our opinion, a customer isn’t receiving adequate service unless they’re connecting with products and resource that are well matched to their personal needs. From our perspective, that demands a diverse pool of products to pull from. It requires multiple models from several brands, with plenty of options for every price point. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we meet the needs of our clients by listening and by making sure every member of our staff is knowledgeable and up-to-date on all of our products. The array of inventory we have available includes the most trusted major brands, extraordinarily high-quality private-label mattresses, foundations fit to support the beds we sell, and accessories to ensure that every customer gets the most out of his or her purchase. So, yeah, you might say we take our product lines seriously.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

It’s not that hard to set up a website and start selling stuff. Granted, mattresses are harder to store and ship than a lot of other products, but you’d be amazed. There’s no training or certification required to find some product and pitch it online. We want to be the antithesis of the no-knowledge, all-sales business model. We believe that our brick-and-mortar stores are a tremendous strength. Not only do we offer an extensive array of industry-leading products; we get to do so in a relaxed environment managed by the most helpful, knowledgeable, and hospitable team of sleep experts in the Carolinas. We won’t give you a hard time if you want to buy your mattress online; we encourage people throughout the United States to do just that so they can get the lowest mattress prices anywhere. Come in, test drive our beds, and ask the questions that will lead to you finding your best night’s sleep. It’s all here for you.

Great Policies

Have you seen those companies that advertise low prices but then sneak-attack you with hidden fees? Not cool. Superior customer service works in favor of the consumer and makes sure they have protection if anything goes wrong. To that end, A Goodnight Sleepstore created the most customer-friendly versions of common policies that we could dream up. The first is our mattress price-matching program, which we call the Lowest Price Mattress Guarantee because it ensures that we give you the lowest price you’ll find anywhere. It empowers shoppers to test-drive mattresses anywhere in the country, hop online, and be guaranteed the best price. Our second favorite policy is our return policy, the Sleep Guarantee. You get 100 risk-free nights to sleep on your new bed. If you have to return or exchange it for any reason, you can do so. There are no hidden restocking fees; only a local delivery fee of $69.99. To help you prevent voiding your warranty, we post lots of tips on our blog about protecting your investment.

Flexible Financing

Need help to cover the cost of your mattress? We won’t have to reach out to a bunch of creditors that all ding your credit like car salespeople do. We work with two trusted companies to provide two distinct types of mattress financing. For approved applicants with higher credit scores, we offer a 0% interest financing option. For those who’d rather avoid the credit check altogether, we can connect you with no-credit-check financing. These options ensure that our customers can access just the right beds to meet their needs, even if their budgets don’t line up precisely. After all, a mattress is nowhere near as expensive as a car, but you sure do want to make sure you invest in the right one.

What Matters to You

What do you think? Is our understanding of customer service complete? If you know of something that belongs on our list, we’d love to hear about it. Share with us on our Facebook page or that Live Help feature we mentioned. After all, the only way we can keep improving is to keep listening.

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