Shopping for a mattress can be difficult. The options are practically endless, and most first-time mattress buyers are forced to wing it. Many of us only know whether we love or hate the bed we grew up with.

At a Goodnight Sleepstore, we’re committed to making it easy to bring the perfect mattress (for you!) into your life. So we think it’s important to let you know what to expect when you visit one of our North Carolina or South Carolina mattress store locations.

Knowledgeable, Patient, Honest Experts

Lots of stores sell mattresses, but we’ll make sure you leave with something extra. We’re here to connect you with the perfect sleep experience for you. That means we consider your sleeping style, comfort needs, and personal preferences. Everyone has different sleep needs, and we’ll help you find the bed that meets yours. When you’re making an investment in your quality of life, you deserve the focused attention of someone who really knows all about sleep.

A Realistic Return Policy

It’s hard to commit to a mattress without sleeping on it. Some stores don’t allow returns at all, or they charge high fees for a return or exchange. Our mattress return policy is more in line with real life.

At A Goodnight Sleepstore, you’ll get 30 risk-free nights to really sleep on your new mattress. If it turns out you’ve chosen a mattress that’s not right for you, you can simply exchange it for a new mattress. Or return the mattress for a full refund. There are no hidden restocking fees — just a flat local delivery fee of $69.99.

Quality Options

We only carry the most trusted mattress makers. These are trusted companies that have built reputations for high quality over generations. Our sleep test center gives you the opportunity to test out our mattresses and also discuss your options and the differences between models with a qualified sleep specialist.

Bring your questions to A Goodnight Sleepstore. We’ve got answers.

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