Nature or Nurture?

Most people sleep best in a room that’s warmer than 65 degrees and cooler than 75, give or take a few dashes on the thermometer. However, as we age, changes to our bodies mean the range of what feels comfortable often shrinks. Also, men’s bodies, generally speaking, are more likely to maintain a consistent temperature, while women may experience considerable variation throughout the month and especially as they head into menopause.

Are You Warm Enough?

For most people, the feeling of being too warm in bed is more disruptive to peaceful slumber than being too cold, and it can be the trickier temperature trick to manage. There are several ways to help yourself feel cool: take a cold shower before bed, keep cold water close by, create some physical distance between your body and your cosleeper’s.

Another excellent option for a pair who finds their internal thermostats to be mismatched is a cooling pillow. Most of our heat-loss happens through our heads, and the Blue Chill Pillow by Glideway can help that process move along more quickly. Using it also means your head will always be on the cool side of the pillow. No more fumbling about in the dark, frustrating yourself, and possibly disturbing another’s rest.

You Change Your Mind. You Can Change Your Temp.

As with all things in life, your sleep temperature preference is yours alone, but it’s worth figuring out. Find the temperature that works best for you, but don’t be surprised if it changes over time. What’s pleasantly toasty today may feel uncomfortably warm in a few years.

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