If you or your partner has gotten too hot to handle, there are better options than breaking out the sitcom standard of matching twin beds in the master bedroom.

Beat the Body Heat!

When you come in to one of our North or South Carolina mattress stores, you’ll have to let your guide know that avoiding overheating is a particularly high priority for you. If you’re the hot one and you’re currently single, there’s no better time to explore bedding options that will neutralize your not-always-appreciated warmth.

This is 2014. Time to Regulate.

The future is now, and that’s really good news for sweaty sleepers. Temperature regulation is now a feature that’s designed into many different kinds of quality mattresses. Newly developed materials like the OptiCool Memory Foam found in the Sealy Optimum line of mattresses draws heat away from your body and allows it to dissipate. That particular line also neutralizes motion, so it’s perfect for people who get hot because they’re active sleepers.

Consider your covers.

Natural fibers like cotton and silk breathe well and feel good against your skin. Synthetic materials are more likely to trap heat under your sheets and cause you lots of tossing and turning. It’s hard to hear, but an average adult sheds a pint of perspiration a night. That means that washing your sheets more frequently in the summer can make your bed a whole lot more comfortable. If you don’t have air conditioning and are ready to start camping out in your office, try freezing your sheets until bedtime. It’s a little weird, but it’s also pretty cool.

If it’s that bad, your bed can breathe.

One of the most interesting solutions to the hot-cosleeper problem is engineer Mark Aramli’s fascinating invention BedJet. One can only imagine the temperatures he had to withstand to be inspired to build an “air-breathing engine for the bed” that can warm and cool any mattress. With two units, sleeping partners can adjust the temperature on each side of the bed.

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