Letting your dog sleep in bed might benefit both of you.

Obviously your dog wants to sleep with you, but there’s a lot of information out there claiming it’s a bad idea. Well, new research from the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic has found that many people actually sleep better with their pets. In the study, twice as many participants reported sleeping better with their pets in bed than reported being woken up by their pets. People said they felt more “content,” “relaxed,” and “secure” thanks to overnight feline or canine cuddling.

Still, not every animal owner can sleep with his or her pet every night.

Sleep-space sharing doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision. Even if you share your bed on most nights, your pup will have to sleep on the linoleum whenever you need an uninterrupted snooze. We’re in favor of the keeping-your-options-open approach. What could be the harm in a piece of dedicated dog furniture? When they have their own space, dogs are roughly half as likely to jump on your bed to cool down after a dirty romp.

Nice dog beds are a legitimate thing.

Even no-kill shelters are getting into the dog-mattress business. This dog rescue provides beds for its canine tenants, and raises the funds to pay for them by selling more beds to the public. Why are they so invested in providing beds for dogs? Because it improves these poor pups’ quality of life! You know those moments when you love your dog so much you can’t even handle it? When he makes those puppy eyes, or his ears perk up? It’s a feeling dog lovers know well, and shelter employees see it every single day. They’re constantly looking for ways to make the dogs happier, more comfortable, and more appreciated. And we can learn from their experience.

A real dog bed is the little extra thing you can do.

Your dog spends even more time sleeping than you do, and most dog beds are kind of ridiculous. If you want to improve your little pal’s life, spring for his own high-quality sleep spot. Today’s top-of-the-line dog mattresses from makers like Sealy are the Rolls Royce of pet bedding. They’re made to meet the physical needs of dogs, supporting their muscles and joints. They’re also resistant to moisture, ultra-durable, non-skid, and easy to clean. A dedicated dog bed will give your pup ownership over his sleep space and a stronger sense of belonging.

Get off the fence.

If you’re still not sure whether dogs deserve their own soft spots for sleeping, the verdict is officially in. Dog beds matter.

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