If you’re browsing mattress options, it’s very likely that you’re in one of two camps – those thinking they might maybe want to replace their old mattress sometime soon, and those who absolutely know they need to find the right bed as soon as possible. This post is for the second group, many of whom are homeowners – a good number of whom are brand new homeowners.

Sometimes you NEED a new mattress.

Unless you’ve added a new family member or let your old mattress get so bad it’s unsleepable, buying a house is one of the only times you’ll wind up with extra rooms just begging for new beds. This is a unique position to be in and one that involves a bit of strategic thinking. If you’re like most homebuyers, you already have at least one reasonable sleep surface (yours) that’s not entirely worn out. You know you’ll be keeping your existing mattress, but you’re also in the market for a new one. You’ve also just spent all of your money.

The Master or the Guest?

Now you’re faced with a decision. Do you keep the 3-to-8-year-old mattress you’re used to and buy a new guest bed, or do you upgrade your own mattress and put the existing one in the guest room? It might sound like six of one, half-dozen of the other, but there’s actually a difference. In the first scenario, you’ll likely invest less money by buying a low-to-mid-range guest bed. Your visitors will have a perfectly fine sleeping experience (maybe not quite as nice as the one you’re having), and you’ll let your mattress live out its life over the next several years. In the other, you’ll spend more to upgrade your own bed and extend the life of your old mattress by giving it less use. Guests will get the royal treatment of sleeping on a bed so comfy, even you would be willing to rest your head on it every night.

It’s (still) all about you.

You’re going to hear this a lot. Everything about shopping for mattresses is personal, and the information other people (even sleep experts) can give you can only go so far. Comfort is subjective, and the way your body responds to a particular mattress will be unique to you. Well, here it comes again. Deciding which bed to replace is all about where you are right now, where you expect to be in a few years, your budget, and which mattress you fall in love with.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

There are plenty of factors at play in this decision, but one you need to nail down is money. Get real about your financial reality before you walk into the mattress store. This is key because your budget can ultimately determine whether guest bed or master bed is the right one to buy right now. The only way it makes sense to replace your own mattress is if you’re going to upgrade. If you genuinely can afford to do that, it’s hands-down the best option. You restart the clock on your own mattress, so you don’t have to buy one for at least a decade, and your guests win out, too. However, if replacing your mattress forces you to downgrade, you’re not going to be happy. If you’re in a tight spot financially and are pretty sure you’ll have more resources in a few years, keeping the bed you already like and investing less in your seldom-slept-in guest room will allow you to save up and replace your bed at the end of its life.

Plan A + Plan B = Success

All that said, it’s wise to go through your shopping process with an open mind. It’s just as likely that you’ll find a super comfy mattress that your guests will love as it is that you’ll find a floor model that you and your spouse agree blows your existing bed out of the water. So, use all that logic and strategy to plot your ideal scenario, but be open to unexpected developments as you shop. The goal here isn’t necessarily to follow your plan to the letter, but rather to get complete comfort for both you and your out-of-town guests at a great value. Exactly how that comes together is a matter of planning, luck, chance, and personal preference.

You can always add.

Here’s a rule that doesn’t only apply to new homeowners or even those who have to buy a mattress right now, but which is super important to keep in mind. Remember that you can add softness to a mattress with firm support, but you can’t add support to a mattress that’s plush all the way through. With that said, you’re ready to go. Powwow with your spouse if you’ll be making this decision as a team, list your preferences, and go talk to some sleep experts. When you feel like the decision is a no-brainer, you’ll know you’re in good shape. That feeling might not come until you’ve laid on a dozen mattresses, though, so don’t wait for it to hit before you come to see us at A Goodnight Sleepstore.

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