Mattresses. Who needs them? Well, actually, that’s obvious. – we all do. What we mean is, “Who needs so many mattresses?” If you’re in the market for a new bed, we don’t have to tell you that the number of available mattress options is astounding. With online shopping, you’ve got the world at your fingertips, and that means more options than anyone can be reasonably expected to consider. New models come out every single year, and most of them look the same. Browsing all those big, white rectangles can feel like surveying the dessert options at a sushi buffet – mildly appealing, but most likely to inspire you to go home.

Our sleep experts narrow the field to 6 semifinalists.

At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we do a ton of product research. Our buyers fill our showrooms with only the best of each type of mattress technology, construction, and material. After decades in the industry, we’ve narrowed our focus to six great brands that have demonstrated consistent quality and dependability. Our job isn’t to get you out the door with a mattress. It’s to listen to your needs, match them to technologies, and connect you with the most ideal mattress for getting you (personally!) the best sleep.

Hyperbole and a half!

The mattress industry is famous for making bold claims about changing lives. We’re not interested in that game. Most stores are like car dealerships — pushy and willing to say anything (true or untrue) to get you to buy something. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, our mission is to cut through the claims and make the perfect match. Your shopping experience should be about you. If you’re a normal sleeper with normal needs involving comfort, support, and temperature regulation, we can keep it simple. But there are some times when the bells and whistles make sense. Since you’re about to spend a decade with your new bed, it’s important to figure out if you have any special considerations to prioritize while you’re shopping for a mattress.

Pinching Pennies

It might not seem like it while you’re shopping, but the price difference from mattress to mattress usually isn’t that big. Unless you’re looking for truly unique features, you can probably get just what you’re looking for within a relatively narrow price range. That said, it’s vitally important for anyone who does really need a special mattress to figure that out and find the right option. In some situations, the harm that could be done by the wrong mattress is particularly high. If you are, or even think you might be, one of those people, be very sure to get clear while you’re shopping for mattresses and express that your need is a need, not just an “it would be nice.” This is about your everyday quality of life. Bringing notes to the store will definitely get you a more effective conversation.


It doesn’t matter what you’re allergic to in your mattress. If you have a mattress-related allergy, it’s worth talking about. Mention your suspicion to your doctor to find out what type of mattress is likely to relieve your symptoms. When you finally make it into the mattress store, it’s vital that you share your allergy concerns with your sleep specialist.


Posture is another important bed-related aspect of wellbeing that’s in your control. If you have back pain (or any chronic pain, really), discuss it with your doctor and be sure to cover the issue of your mattress. For the purpose of this conversation, the age of your mattress doesn’t matter. If your bed isn’t supporting your body properly, doing nothing could result in far higher damage than the need to buy a new mattress.


Sleep is the time when all the systems of the body get a chance to recover, recharge, and repair. It’s only logical that people who use their bodies extremely vigorously would need particularly high-quality sleep. If you’re an athlete, let your sleep expert know when you’re shopping for a new mattress. We’ll make sure to focus on correct spinal alignment and support for muscle relaxation and recovery. If you’re a professional, your quality of life and your very livelihood could depend on it.


Sleeping on a mattress that adjusts to your body feels amazing. During pregnancy, it can determine whether or not you sleep for 9 months. Memory foam, latex, and sleep-number beds provide support at the same time as they accommodate your changing body. If you’re expecting, it’s also important to think about what’s in your mattress. By choosing an organic latex mattress, you’ll get incredible comfort from a bed that eliminates off-gassing of potentially harmful chemicals.

We all need great beds. They don’t get nearly enough attention, and most shoppers are unaware of how all the options on the market could benefit them. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we’ll help you get the adequate sleeping space, comfort, and support that everyone needs, along with personal focus that gets you exactly what you need.

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