Having a hard time finding a commitment you can stick to (or even want to)? Resolving to sleep better will help you make change in any area of life, and it doesn’t require extra time, money, or risk. What could be better?

• You will feel better every day. Have 365 better days in 2013 by filling your most basic need. It’s something you’ll actually WANT to keep doing – no more cognitive dissonance!
• It benefits everyone. It’s the gift-to-self that keeps on giving. (You know your cranky face comes out when you’re short on sleep.)
• You deserve it! You’ll never replace your high-school mattress if you never prioritize taking care of yourself.
 You’ll remember this year. Think your memory is going? See how your brain works on eight solid hours of rest.
• Boost your quality of life. Isn’t that the goal of every resolution? Get the energy to exercise, the confidence to get a new job, and the clarity to save a nest egg, all by changing just your sleep habits.
• Focus! It’s hard to pay attention when you’re looking at the back of your eyelids. You’ll learn, listen, and achieve more with your newfound clarity and ability to concentrate.
• It helps you stay healthy. Some studies even say that sleeping more helps you live longer! Fight off the flu and improve inflammation by getting sufficient shut-eye.

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