If you’re not an animal lover, you might want to move on from this post. Unless, that is, you want to understand what would possess someone to buy not just a special faux-human dog bed, but a dedicated pillow for their dog. Since we believe in high-quality, affordable bedding for all breeds, we’re excited to shed some light on the subject.

Some people won’t stop at dog beds.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that A Goodnight Sleepstore carries only the best dog beds from Sealy, and that we’re pretty excited about them. After all, what’s the main reason for companion animals? Happiness – of course! Well, some dogs aren’t happy sleeping on anything less than a real bed. We may be excessively anthropomorphizing, and that’s okay by us. As long as it keeps our customers and their dogs happy, we’ll keep working on ways to maintain the interspecies symbiosis.

He’ll let you know.

Anyone who lives with dogs knows that each has a mind of its own. We dog people assert our alpha status in different ways, and some people draw the line at special bedding. If that’s you, keep fighting the good fight. If you’ve given up, though, because your dog simply insists on propping his or her head on a pillow, you’re not alone. The truth is, not every dog needs a pillow. Unless you like the way it looks, you don’t need to buy a dedicated dog pillow if your dog hasn’t been asking for one. And if they’re demanding it, you’ll know. Pet forums are full of the stories of owners who constantly have to rescue household objects from under their dogs’ heads.

There are a few good reasons that pet pillows exist.

Perhaps you’ve been tempted to buy a dog pillow but couldn’t bear going through the checkout line. Maybe you’re even someone who judges the seemingly unreasonable purchases of other pet owners. If that saying about glass houses doesn’t resolve the issue for you, maybe some good old-fashioned logic will do the trick. Some people have allergies that make it utterly impossible for them to sleep with their dogs. This becomes a problem when a pet refuses to sleep on the floor. Losing sleep to your whining, barking pup might convince you to give in and take lots of antihistamines. If you’re sensitive to allergies and other dangers of sharing your bed with your pets, you may have no choice but to invest in your pet’s sleeping space. Same goes for when your dog has to endure recovery from a surgery or medical condition.

Validation comes through multitasking.

One dog pillow – so many uses! Once you’ve had a dog pillow in your house, you’ll wonder how you ever thought you could live without it. Not only will your dog leave your pillow alone, but he’ll also be less icky. Who ever thought that a tuffet of soft, moisture-resistant material could be so useful? By getting creative, you can use your dog’s pillow in solutions for a plethora of literal pet peeves. Combine your dog’s new pillow with a top-of-the-line Sealy mattress and your whole family’s sleep could improve. Everyone knows that better sleep improves quality of life. Hacking your pet’s bedding might just put you ahead in ways you never imagined possible.

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