I can tell by your…sleep?

Are you a good listener who doesn’t like being the center of attention? This is a trait that many “starfish” (on your back, arms up around your head) sleepers share. Perhaps you are open-minded but stubborn? “Yearners” (on your side, arm straight) often describe themselves like this. The most commonly reported sleep position is the fetal position, and its promoters often describe themselves as shy and organized.

It’s not that simple.

Obviously, we are complicated beings and a lot more goes into why we are the ways we are than the position we spend our nights in. It matters less what position you find yourself in when you wake up and more that you get enough high quality sleep.

Different positions can provide certain advantages (and disadvantages) for our bodies. For example, side sleep may help promote healthy digestion. Some people may find it more comfortable to place a pillow between the knees when sleeping this way, to help keep the hips and spine in alignment. Sleeping on your back, on the other hand, may worsen snoring and/or cause back pain. A small pillow under your knees and in the small of your back will help you feel fully supported.

This is getting personal!

All of our bodies are different, and a sleep position that is comfortable and comforting for one person will feel completely wrong to another. There is no one right way to sleep, just what works best for you. If you’re having trouble sleeping or waking up with aches and pains, A Goodnight Sleepstore is a good place to look for the cure for what ails you. Our sleep experts can evaluate the unique aspects of how you snooze to get you the best goodnight sleep.

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