Distinctive features of the plush mattress:

• Plush mattresses provide the support of a firm mattress with the added comfort of several layers of soft materials. This makes for extra give and softer surface comfort.

• You get that cozy feeling of sinking into your mattress.

• The body-contouring top layer reduces the movement you feel when your sleeping partner moves or gets up in the night.

• Individuals who suffer from upper back and neck pain can benefit from a plush mattress because the head and middle back sink into the bed. This provides support for the cervical spine.

• Side sleepers may wake up feeling better after a night on a plush mattress. Chiropractors recommend plush models to side sleepers because the mattress helps maintain the natural shape of the spine.

• Plush mattresses are available in a wide range of price points, allowing you to pick a mattress that fits your budget as well as your personal sleep needs.

A Goodnight Sleep store offers several different models of plush mattresses. If you’ve decided you want to go plush, we’ll be here to help you find the specific mattress that’s right for you. Assistance is always available whether you’re shopping on our website or in one of our stores.

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