When it comes to mattresses, we’ve got it all!

We have futons, mattress pads, bases, memory foam pillows, and cooling gel pillows (enter to win one!) – everything you need to get your best night’s sleep. We’re the largest Sealy Gallery in the Carolinas, after all. But one thing you’re not likely to find in our store is a waterbed.

Of course we understand the waterbed-wanting dream starts in childhood and gets carried all the way through to the point in adulthood when you’re ready to invest in your own mattress. But like most childhood dreams, this one is best kept in the realm of nostalgia. Keep your love of waterbeds alive by seeking them out when you need a hotel room and not buying one for your home.

Did you know a waterbed can fall through your floor?

The thing about waterbeds is, the concept makes sense. But the gel memory foam mattress takes that concept and blasts it to outer space. The latest mattresses, like Sealy’s Optimum line, mold to your body like water. But instead of making waves, memory foam absorbs motion. Instead of being freezing in the winter, these mattresses regulate temperature.

Visit A Goodnight Sleepstore and explore the awe-inspiring world of innovative new mattresses from some of America’s oldest and most trusted companies. We’re positive that you’ll find the perfect size, support, and comfort without giving in to this particular childhood dream.

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